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Texas Syndicate. The Texas Syndicate or Syndicato Tejano is a mostly Texas-based prison gang that includes Hispanic and at one time White members The organization at one time did allow non-Hispanic members to join, but that policy was repealed in the s. It was established in the 's at Folsom Prison in California in direct response to the other California prison gangs notably the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafiawhich were attempting to prey on native Texas inmates.

As ofthe Texas Syndicate had about 19, members in prisons and jails state-wide, with many more on the outside. However, they still maintain their headquarters in California, where their national president resides, and their numbers continue to reach into state and federal prisons across the US. The Texas Syndicate's activities include drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, protection, gambling, and contract murder. Gang Intelligence Inthe Texas Syndicate gain full control of the prison systems drug trade after the practice of using building tenders to assist guards is ruled out by a Civil court.

Hernandez v. Johnson, F. Associated Press Inthe Texas Syndicate and the Raza Unida agree that the gangs would share the drug trade in Brownsville by dividing gang territory in the border town in sections.

The murder involved a cocaine deal gone badly. The victim, who was also a TS member was wrestled down and intentionally overdosed with of a heroin. High ranking Texas Syndicate member Ricardo "Serrucho" Ortiz is given the death penalty for his involvement of the crime. Ortiz v. State, 93 S. The gangs agree to revise the manifesto each year on May 5th. State, No. The murder involves a state wide war between both prison gangs. Connally state prison.

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Texas Syndicate

The murder came as a result of the Gulf Cartel hiring the Texas Syndicate to kidnap Serrano from his home in Texas and take him to cartel members in Mexico. El Paso Times In23 Texas Syndicate members are arrested in cities all over the state of Texas on drug trafficking charges. Torres was a Texas Syndicate informant who provided information crucial to a federal case against fellow gang members.

The gang felt that the mother of 3 had crossed the line and ordered TS member Magnaleno Medina to kidnap and murder her. Associated Press.Don't have an account yet?

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Back in February, Texas Syndicate member Ernesto Medrano and some 20 of his fellow gang members were in a Dallas federal courtroom receiving multi-year prison sentences for importing hundreds of kilos of cocaine into the U. Bliss, Texas. But the convictions didn't stop federal authorities from pursuing other charges against members of the prison gang.

Far from it. Today, the U. Attorney's office announced the indictment of 14 members of the notorious prison gang. They've been charged with "conspiring to participate in a violent enterprise responsible for murders, attempted murders, conspiracies to commit murder, robbery, drug trafficking, and other crimes in North Texas and other areas. Engaging with our readers is essential to the Observer 's mission.

Make a financial contribution or sign up for a newsletter, and help us keep telling Dallas's stories with no paywalls. Unfair Park has obtained a copy of the page indictment, which you can read in its entirety here. Kathy Colvin, spokesperson for the U. If convicted, all 14 face a maximum statutory sentence of life in prison. The full release is below. DALLAS - A federal indictment was unsealed on Friday that charges 14 members of the Texas Syndicate prison gang with conspiring to participate in a violent enterprise responsible for murders, attempted murders, conspiracies to commit murder, robbery, drug trafficking, and other crimes in North Texas and other areas, announced U.

Attorney Richard B. Roper of the Northern District of Texas. When violent criminals band together to run their criminal organization like a business, this office will use every statute at its disposal to defeat the objective of the criminal enterprise. The FBI is committed to the disruption and dismantlement of these organized violent gangs through our continued multi-agency Task Force concept, said Robert E. Casey, Jr. The Dallas Police Department and our federal partners realize that by combining our areas of expertise and resources, we are able to achieve a greater level of efficacy in combating violent gangs in Dallas.

Our past efforts have been very productive and we look forward to future successes in making Dallas a safer city for all its residents. The three-count indictment charges the 14 defendants listed below, all of whom are either in state or federal custody, with conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization RICO statute. If convicted, all face a maximum statutory sentence of life in prison:.

Several of the above-listed defendants were convicted in the Northern District of Texas in a large-scale drug distribution conspiracy case, U.

18 now facing charges in Texas Syndicate case

Roy Arredondo, et al. The indictment alleges that the defendants are members, or associates, of the Texas Syndicate prison gang, a violent prison gang established during the 's as a response by native Texas inmates to other prison gangs.Two prison gangs, Texas Syndicate and Tango Blast, are believed to involved in the alleged methamphetamines distributing organization.

Two prison gangs, Texas Syndicate and Tango Blast, are believed to involved in the alleged methamphetamines distributing. AUSTIN, Texas AP — State authorities say an eight-month investigation has resulted in the arrest of more than a dozen gang members suspected of distributing methamphetamine in the Austin area. The Texas Department of Public Safety on Friday announced that members of the Texas Syndicate and Tango Blast gangs were taken into custody Thursday on a variety of charges, including criminal conspiracy and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Fifteen people, all Austin residents, were arrested and taken to the Travis County jail. They range in age from 20 to Nicole Shirley, 28, was arrested in Austin Thursday, June 30, in a drug. Two prison gangs, Texas Syndicate and Tango Blast, are believed to involved in the alleged methamphetamines distributing Photo: Austin Police Department. Caption Close. Image 1 of Back to Gallery. Trending Now.

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Most Popular. How many have you checked off?Inin California, making the Texas Syndicate the oldest prison gang in Texas' history. As ofthe Texas Syndicate had about 1, members in prisons and jails state-wide, with many more on the outside.

Texas Syndicate gang members arrested after meth, heroin bust

However, they still maintain their headquarters in California, where their national president resides, and their numbers continue to reach into state and federal prisons across the US. Development of the Texas Syndicate was initially motivated by self-protection against the historical "building tenders" in prison. After building tenders disappeared, the Syndicate's activities turned to drug trafficking, extortion, prostitution, protection, gambling, and contract murder.

TS has a paramilitary structure, headed by a president and vice president elected by the general member population. Each prison unit is controlled by a chairman, who oversees a vice chairman, captain, lieutenant, sergeant of arms, and numerous soldiers. Ranking members in prison are automatically demoted to the level of soldier upon institutional reclassification. Texas Syndicate members are required to follow a "Constitution," stipulating that members:.

Leadership is determined by democratic vote, requiring unanimity. Recruitment is achieved by demonstrating a "homeboy connection," passing a background check to make sure the prospect is not an informer, and receiving a unanimous vote. According to news reports, the following members have or have had alleged executive connections:. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming moreThe Texas Syndicate 's golden rule is as simple as it is merciless: Betray us and you're dead. Authorities contend that in the past decade, members of the Texas Syndicate, which is the state's original prison gang, have carried out at least 50 murders, solved or unsolved, in addition to countless extortions, kidnappings, robberies and assaults.

Bodies have turned up all over Texas, with dozens of the gang's members and associates prosecuted in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Thousands of the gang's members are locked up in state and federal prisons, but even more are on the streets today, their wrath chilling. Just this January, three were sentenced in the Rio Grande Valley to life without parole. At the heart of that case: A Syndicate gangster turned federal informant was taken to Hooters by his buddies. After dinner, they drove to a sugar-cane field and shot him in the head. A member in Dallas was similarly shot, then rolled in a carpet and stuffed in a car that was set ablaze.

He had violated an order to end an affair with another member's mother. Yet another, nicknamed Third Eye for a scar on his forehead, was shot in Houston as he sat outside a strip joint in his black Ford Mustang.

He was suspected of snitching, and bragging at a nightclub about being a member. The Latino gang long has provided a blueprint for gangs of all races climbing into the major leagues of crime.

It was the first Texas prison gang to embrace such Italian mobster traditions as strict rules and harsh discipline. Among the Syndicate's main rules: Once you join, you are in for life and the gang comes before your blood family, God or anything else. Despite changes that have come since the Texas Syndicate was founded in the s, authorities said the state's original prison gang has dwindled in size but remains a significant threat. On the streets as well as in the prisons, it is suspected of having approximately 3, confirmed or suspected members, although it is unclear how many are still active in the gang.

The Syndicate claims not to kill innocent people, but does go after those who betray them.

texas syndicate austin tx

Especially those who betray them. Most are retribution hits on their own members, associates or rivals, according to authorities. Among the Syndicate's more infamous killings — for which a ranking member was executed by the state of Texas in - is the case of a gang member wrongfully suspected of being a snitch. He was held down in the so-called "Texas Syndicate Tank" by Syndicate soldiers in an El Paso jail and injected with heroin that had been smuggled inside.

There also have been numerous instances of extortion, kidnapping, robberies and murders, both sanctioned and not sanctioned by the gang. Mendoza, who has been an enforcer for the Syndicate, went out on his own when he stabbed a Baytown man who was not a Syndicate enemy.

Mendoza had been drinking, and the two had an argument that quickly escalated. He killed Isaac Benavidez26, in an attack that a state prosecutor who is now a judge described as "an absolutely senseless, cold-blooded killing" in which the victim was "gutted like a deer.

Mendoza claimed he was defending himself because Benavidez had a gun. One of the most common Syndicate-sanctioned crimes is the drug business. They work as subcontractors for Mexican cartels to enforce and transport drugs on U. The Syndicate's other crime of choice is home invasions, ripping off dealers by smashing down doors and stealing their dope and cash.

Hits are sanctioned against fellow gangsters by a majority vote of other members in a prison unit or city.More lists Many of them have been captured as the result of a tip. Wanted For:. Captured Location:. Last Name:. Category: Everyone Fugitive Sex Offender. Romeo Torres, Jr. Capture Location: Mexico. Scott Allen Vineyard. Capture Location: Ferris, Texas. Willie James Brumfield.

Reward Paid! Capture Location: Houston, Texas. Capturing Agency: U. Christopher David Robinson. Capture Location: Bernie, Missouri. Eric Beverine Jameson. Capture Location: Henderson, Kentucky. Russell Scott Ford. Capture Location: Beaumont, Texas.

texas syndicate austin tx

Carlos Rafael Benitez. Steve Lopez. Capture Location: Victoria, Texas. Marshals Service - Victoria Division. David Dale Booth. Capture Location: Pelzer, South Carolina. Rujudah Edward Lynch. Capture Location: Lanham, Maryland.By Guillermo Contreras.

Texas Syndicate

A former leader of the Texas Syndicate 's operations in San Antonio dodged a hit squad dispatched by his homeboys to do him in. District Judge Fred Biery gave him four years in prison for his guilty plea to racketeering conspiracy.

Vidaurri, 32, led the gang here as it muscled its way onto the streets of San Antonio, normally a stronghold of the Texas Mexican Mafiawhich has been weakened by a series of law enforcement crackdowns.

Under Vidaurri, the gang dealt in drugs and fought for turf against another rival gang. Vidaurri admitted participating in the distribution of heroin and cocaine as part of the racketeering activity. He also was charged with three counts of committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering — the killings of George Escobedo59, George Davenport31, and Troy Lambirth, One plea deal showed Vidaurri seemed ready to admit to helping kill Escobedo and Davenport, who fell out of favor with the Texas Syndicate, in Octoberbut Vidaurri later denied it.

Instead of facing at least 30 years, under a different plea arrangement the maximum he faced was 20 years. And, because he helped the government put up to 16 of his fellow gangsters behind bars, the judge gave him a break at sentencing. Upset with Vidaurri's leadership, prison leaders dispatched a hit squad of gang prospects to the West Side home of Vidaurri's brother, where Vidaurri was staying, on July 2, They waited for Vidaurri, who was inside the home in the block of Beverly Drive.

But when his brother, Hector, and Hector's wife, Priscilla, arrived with their son, the crew sprayed their vehicle and the home with bullets. Priscilla, ended up dead. Vidaurri wasn't hurt, but his brother Hector, an Iraqi war veteran, was wounded. Authorities said the warfare killed or wounded other San Antonians who had no gang involvement: Lambirth, Rodolfo Gonzalez and Henry and Priscilla Vidaurri.

Lambirth was shot March 26,as he drove on Loop at the Exchange Parkway exit while on a run for transmission fluid.

texas syndicate austin tx

A bullet severed his spine, killing him instantly. Abbott outlines plan to reopen Texas economy. Coronavirus updates: Abbott orders schools to remain closed. Archdiocese of S. Most Popular.