Tall rolling spice rack

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. The hanging spice rack keeps the spices at your finger tips while you cook and acts as art in your kitchen. You are going to love how easy this DIY spice rack is to build with these free build plans. Display your love for cooking with this beautiful wooden spice rack.

tall rolling spice rack

This wall mounted spice rack is large enough to hold all your favorite spices and keep them organized. I partnered with Kreg Jig and their new project plan site, BuildSomething. I love to cook. Seriously, I really do. We eat home cooked dinners at least 4 times a week and two other nights I serve leftovers.

And I love to try all different kinds of foods. But all that cooking left my cupboards full of lots of different spices. A few years back I needed to solve our spice storage problem because I could never find the spices I was looking for. So I build the most basic spice shelves and hastily mounted them on the wall of our kitchen. They were not pretty!

Spice Racks 22.1" Depth (x22)

In fact they were far from it. But they were so functional and made cooking so much easier. So I let those ugly spice shelves stay for way too long. But January is a time for finally getting around to the projects you have been putting off and for getting organized.

So this year I tackled the spices and build a new, beautiful wooden spice rack to replace the ugly ones. This large spice rack is perfect for holding all those spices we use. And it just looks so awesome! I am sad that our new hanging spice rack is not the first thing people see when they come into our kitchen because it looks so good. All the spices are organized in rows of course I grouped them together by type of spice because of my type A personality.

And I also finally got around to putting coordinating spice jar labels on them. The spice jars I use are actually the jars the Archer Farms brand spices from Target come in. I love their simple square jars. And when a jar is empty, I refill it with bulk spices from the grocery store. Buying spices in bulk is so much cheaper than buying a new jar. This was such a quick build too!

I had things put together in no time so I decided to play with my new ish router and add a decorative edge to the DIY spice rack. It looks so fancy and gives it a beautiful, farmhouse feel to it. And because I absolutely love all things chalkboard, I included a chalkboard back too. Now the wooden spice rack blends in with all our kitchen and dining decor like this herb drying rack and our hallway command center. Join the boards along the edges by drilling pocket holes in the sides of the center board about " apart.

Sketch out the decorative top you want, or download the one I used in the extras tab. Cut out the template and trace it on one half of the top of your connected boards.By Mary Boone on 23 Mar The dollars and cents that go into moving vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Cereal boxes don't have to reside on your counter. Build this easy rolling pantry and solve your storage issues. Everyone likes to stay stocked up on their favorite foods and snacks.

This rolling pantry is essentially a shelf with wheels. Before you begin building anything, you need to take measurements of the space where your rolling pantry will go. In this case, the couple had about 10 inches between the wall and the fridge, so they chose a board width of 8 inches. Take one of your long boards and one of your short boards and line them up, with the shorter board fitting inside the longer one.

Use a right-angle ruler to ensure that your boards are at a perfect degree angle. You may glue the pieces together for extra hold, or just nail the boards together using a nail gun. Ensure the corner angles are 90 degrees, and glue and nail as before. Lay the frame down flat on the floor. Take the remaining short shelf boards and place them within the frame, moving them around as needed to fit your food items. Once you are confident in your shelf spacing, mark where each shelf goes, add wood glue to the ends, and reinsert the shelves into the frame.

Check each corner placement with the right angle ruler and level to make sure the shelves are straight. Use the nail gun to nail each shelf in place.

Measure out where you need to cut your dowels to fit within the pantry frame and mark the dowels with a pen. Once the dowels are cut to size, add some wood glue to each end and wedge them into the pantry. For extra stability, put a nail through the exterior of the pantry into each dowel end. Pick your favorite paint color or wood stain. This couple wanted black paint to blend in with their existing appliances. Paint your pantry with two coats for an even finish; seal if necessary.

Let the paint dry completely. If you want to customize your rolling pantry even more, consider adding a decorative back to your frame.

Now make it pop. Here, we used light gray paint and a Moroccan star stencil to create a visually stunning backdrop. This prevents the plywood from bowing, and will keep everything nicely in place. Affix the casters to the bottom of your pantry using an electric screwdriver. The rolling wheels allow the pantry to glide out with ease with just a pull of the handle. Locking casters keep the whole thing in place while you look for ingredients and canned goods.

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That came out wrong.

tall rolling spice rack

Moving on. Remind me to kick my own ass later. Again, with the matching spice jars, complete with adorable and downloadable labels… oh, Martha, you had me at hello. Their wooden spice rack was the perfect solution! And as I filled them with my spices, I discovered why I so desperately need some spice organization in my life:. Here are my spices now, neatly labeled:.

Onto the build! It was a beautiful day to work out in the garage, so I plopped Liam, my 7-month-old, into his exersaucer under the shade, while Evie, my 2-year-old, ran around in the grass picking flowers. First, I measured the space on the wall where my spice rack would go. Then I attached each shelf.

Spice Rack with Spices

I attached a couple of D-ring hangers to the back of the shelf and hung it up on the wall with drywall anchors.

And even though the D-ring hangers claim to hold lbs. Of course, my spices are in alphabetical order. What did you expect here, the dewey decimal system? Anyone else notice how there are a LOT of herbs and spices that start with the letter C?

Cayenne, chili powder, Chinese five spice, chives, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, crushed red pepper, cumin, curry powder… you get it. And see that teeny tiny top shelf? It just so happens that my Wilton icing colors fit in there perfectly. If you take a peek at my grocery list, can you tell someone in this house is teething and everyone in this house is over it?

Cowboy up, Crybaby. Just kidding. Poor little guy. Evie never had any trouble when she was cutting teeth, so this is a new experience for us all. If anyone has any suggestions on how to sooth our little teething fusspot, please share! So there you have it. I went there. I LOVE it! I need it!!! The way you add a little hilarious story along with the directions makes me feel like we should be friends!A slim pantry cabinet is a brilliant way to utilize what might seem like an unusable area.

Those few inches besides the fridge or a small area near the corner of an existing cupboard can now be used for storage. On rollers, fixed in place, or even with an installed glide mechanism, these practical storage options will change the way you view "wasted space. Chloe is a highly-regarded expert in all things vintage and antique. In addition to her design work, Chloe regularly volunteers at her local community center, teaching DIY projects to adults and kids. The pull-out storage cabinet, that is hidden in the kitchen.

Great for cans of food or kitchen accessories. It's a smart space saver for narrow space. The simple white design is suitable with any other. High cupboard for storing cleaning accessories. Includes 2 cabinets stacked vertically. Construction is made of wood. It has hooks for broom and mop. Slim form provides saving space. For everyone who is searching for space-saving kitchen solutions, this pantry shelf will be a great choice.

The piece is consisted of 8 open shelves, where you can place your groceries. You can easily hide it behind your fridge or kitchen furniture, and just as easy pull it out thanks to its useful handle.

Smart storage ideas never go out of fashion. Check out this great pantry cabinet — all the unused space gone, replaced by an ergonomic, nice cabinet. The white colour fits all designs. It's a great way to gain some free space.Here at Walmart.

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tall rolling spice rack

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Refine by Top Brands. Deliver To Home. Special Offers Clearance. Reduced Price. Retailer Walmart. Brand Find a brand. A Aura. AP Products. Ace Teah. Allstar Marketing Group. American Metalcraft. As Seen on TV. AutumnFall legend. Better Houseware. Cal Flame.You have big dreams for your new apartment life. We all have at least a few of these mesh office supply organizers lying around.

So why not put them to good use? Hang one on the wall by your kitchen sink and store your dish soap and sponges inside. The mesh allows water to drain for a mold-free sponge space and happier you. Kill two birds with one stone by DIY-ing a pull-out cutting board with a hole in the middle. It maximizes your counter space since you can hide it in your drawer. It makes your meal prep way more efficient since you can quickly toss trimmings directly into your trash can.

It is so genius we wish we thought of it ourselves. Brownie points for using a wooden cutting board, which studies have shown can be more sanitary than a plastic cutting board in the long run. Ladles lying strewn everywhere? Whisks every which where?

Including in your kitchen, where the mason jars would look particularly nice filled with spoons, forks, cooking utensils, and a few flowers to brighten things up. The steps are pretty simple: Find a piece of wood you love, give it a good stain, drill a few hose clamps into the wood, attach the Mason jars, and hang it up.

Depending on what you need to store, you can even use different sizes of jars, which makes this project perfect for freeing up precious drawer space. Another great way to get utensils out of your drawers and into a more creative storage set up is to build a shelf out of tin cans and a piece of wood. These DIY utensil cans are very similar to the tin can shelf.

The only difference is these cans hang on a metal rod that doubles as a hand towel rack. Also, everything is all in one place, and you can hang the rod at eye-level, which means no more bending down when you need a dish rag or a spoon.

This silverware holder will add a chic vintage look to your kitchen while freeing up a drawer or two. You know, in case you want to make a drawer paper towel dispenser. Or drawer cutting board. Hop over to Hometalk for the full instructions. If you can spare a drawer, convert it to a paper towel dispenser. It makes cleanup a no-brainer, and you can even store your backup rolls there too.

Add a few sliding wicker basket drawers. This under-cabinet fruit bin adds both charm and accessibility to your kitchen.

The answer: It depends, and The Kitchn has an excellent guide. Sure, large wooden bowls that overflow with fruit are pretty, but who has the space for that? Fret not, though, because a three-tiered hanging wire basket may just be the storage solution to your produce woes. And once again, World Market has a great, cost-effective storage option. All you have to do is hang the wire basket from the ceiling in one of the corners of your kitchen.This item is eligible for gift options.

StoreSmith Slim Shelf 4-Tier Rolling Storage Rack Get your office, bedroom and other rooms in your home quickly organized with the help of this storage rack. The sleek design and wheels on the bottom allow you to fit this shelf in many different areas of your home. It's also simple to put together. What You Get.

This self is a lot flimsier than I expected. The size is great however. I will keep it and put it to use elsewhere. This mobile storage rack is a great asset to the bathroom in that it allows extra storage for numerous items shampoo bottles, other hair and body bottles, etc.

I have this between my washer and dryer to hold detergent, cleaners, spray bottles, etc. It provides good extra room, but I don't pull it out often enough to tell how sturdy and whether it will hold up well.

Great for my use of it. I love this slim shelf. I have it in my laundry room and love the way it fits in my narrow walkway. I have a second one that I plan to use in my small office room at home. I have been very pleased with other StoreSmith purchases, however this rolling storage rack missed the mark. The areas where I planned to use it are hardwood and carpeted. This rack doesn't glide over carpeting, the wheels kept coming off.

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