Mercury conjunct chiron synastry

When Chiron shows up in synastry, it can be intense and healing all at the same time. Chiron in synastry can indicate a healing experience with harmonious aspects. With disharmonious aspects it can indicate the relationship possibly causing a deep wound to your psyche, a teaching lesson, it depends on communication. Disharmonious aspects can cause enduring more emotional abuse. The couple can hurt eachothers ego if not careful. Disharmonious aspects can cause the chiron person to make the moon person remember old unpleasant memories from the past.

But communication and emotional understanding is key for the disharmonious aspect. With the conjunct this aspect really depends on the people alone. For this aspect to work the chiron person or the mercury person need to be developed. There needs to be communication because, either of the two can hurt eachother or heal eachother.

Hard aspects square,opposition can be intense, and challenging, this aspect can be painful. It can be either painful now or eventually. The mars person can be seen as rude, and abusive, by the chiron person. They both have similar philosophies, and encourage eachother to explore life, or just to learn new things. Disharmonious indicates the Jupiter person to be seen as past lovers from relationships from chiron.

The disharmonious aspect can cause the feeling of being stuck in a relationship. Communication and honesty is a way this aspect can work. You can say they rebel in similar ways and heal eachother with their experiences together. They feel healed as a couple being surrounded by people who express themselves in nonconventional ways. Disharmonious aspects could indicate that the uranus person would wants too much freedom and the chiron person would recent them for this.

They have a psychic connection; a mutual understanding. Disharmonious aspects can cause both of them to still have past fears from relationships.

For example: cheating, lying, manipulation, abuse. Thus pulling away from eachother and not as close as some couples should be.

There might be miscommunications in the relationship. They both might want to receive unconditional love but wont give it as much. Couples can prevent this by being open and try to be trusting and giving and to try and communicate more. The couple feels healing energy from eachother which causes this. This all can cause chiron emotional abuse, and can cause trust issues in the future.

Remember it also depends on the two people and how developed they are and you need to communicate for this to work. With hard aspects it can be challenging for the chiron person to fufill their life mission in this life and to pay off their karmic debt. Chiron aspects in Synastry. Posted on: 27 May, with Notes via lilxbuttercupx reblogged this from venussynastry.This is a purely amazing subject.

I am talking from my own personal experience, as well as the many charts I have done. Chiron is a weird-o. If I see Chiron coming in synastry, I hold my breath. Chiron will usually follow the same path, such that I know what he is up to, by now.

I will try to explain what I have observed with Chiron in synastry. Please, add any comments yea or nay, as always. The planet person,usually, comes to the Chiron person for healing. The myth of Chiron is that of the wounded healer.

Chiron can heal others from his wound, but he can never heal, himself. It is a sad story, as are most of the myths. However, the myths ring true. That is why they are so poignant. True to the myth, the mother wanted the daughter to parent her, guide her, and heal her. The daughter was a child and unable.

The mother was very angry, as she thought it was her due, from being a mother. The relationship between mother and daughter was very hard. Ultimately, as happens with most Chiron relationships, it was too painful and broke apart to nothingness. In another relationship between two girlfriends, they got close very fast, as is the case with Chiron. They felt they had found their best friend. It was wonderfully close, for as long as it lasted. There was an unusual depth and connection.

There seems to be a loyalty,too. While the Chiron relationship lasts, it can be very positive. It can fill a void for each person. It can provide an intense connection which acts for the good of both people.

In other words, it can be very positive while it lasts. However, when it breaks apart, that can be expected. When that happens, one must celebrate what was and let the person go. His mars was conjunct her Chiron. Again, they got very close, very fast. It was wonderfully healing, for as long as it lasted.Extreme sensitivity to communication — what people say, how they say it, and when they say it.

Words most definitely can hurt you.

Lilith harshly aspected in a man's natal chart- issues of projection and unacceptance

Learning how to use voice, thoughts and language for healing purposes. Feeling pain from not having your voice heard.

Chiron in Synastry

Using words and language to heal yourself. Using storytelling as a way to heal yourself and others. The journey of getting in touch with your unique voice. Learning to open up and talk about your problems. Expressing your thoughts through words is painful. Guiding others with your words and thoughts. Playing with language. Court jesters.

mercury conjunct chiron synastry

Deliverers of messages that others may not want to hear. Puncturing egos with words. Facility with non-rational logic. Maverick communications.

Sticking your foot in your mouth. The ability to embrace paradox. The ability to synthesize conflicting information and perceptions. The ability to reconcile opposites. Siblings with disabilities or illness. The need to heal relationships with siblings. Pain associated with siblings. Feeling wounded by a sibling. Pain experienced by being the brother or sister of someone else.

Flawed education. Feeling that your education was missing something. Needing more non-rational learning opportunities. Synthesizing all information in a learning environment. The ability to present information in a variety of formats. Seeing no conflict in differing learning styles. Letting your way of learning take you on a journey. Embarking on a self-healing journey through words and language. Telling a story of pain.

A healing journey through information and learning. Embracing a self-informed learning style. Taking responsibility for your own education. Creating the information that you need. Realizing that there are gaps in the available information, or in the way it is presented.IP: Logged.

All I can say is that I am deeply affected by what he says and his way of self-expression even his voice. It is not always pleasant. But our communication is very sparkling and is flowing very naturally But my Pluto opposes his Mercury as well Chiron or Pluto.

mercury conjunct chiron synastry

We have deep conversations and open up to each other even though we dont see often. I have this in synastry with a dude. I'm Chiron. Honestly he probably hurts me way more than I hurt him. Very critical - I'm not enough this, I'm too much of that When I do it it isn't as bad as when he does it because his are genuine criticisms of every That's his opinion. He has every right to be wrong lmao. I am Chiron in Taurus and he is Mercury in Leo.

He always tries to plant words in my mouth to steer direction of communication or he projects his own thoughts and feelings onto me so that I am completely cornered and can't say anything without being at "fault". Extremely exhausting! I do think it annoys him though that I am faster than him in terms of thinking so he retaliates to not lose his manhood.

I have Mercury in 11H trine Uranus in 3H. I'm Chiron in Taurus and he's Mercury in Leo too. Maybe Mercury in Leo guys are just a55holes I am also starting to believe the Pluto in Virgo gen is not for me I have Mars conj Asc in Virgo. Imma stick to my Pluto in Libra gen methinks. All times are Eastern Standard Time.I also expected that, when I did find it, the relationship would have something extreme or unique about itsomething to set it far apart from other relationships.

Well research has proven me very wrong on the first countand almost as far off on the second. I have been amazed at how common Chiron aspects appear in Synastry.

In fact it seems to appear more often than not. I have a theory about why but will go into that later. As for the nature of such [Chiron-marked] relationshipsthey usually seem to have no initial differences from other relationships, at least superficially.

However, when you look deeper you begin to see that there is a difference, and the difference is in how open the people are to each other.

Let us look at a few different aspects in order to make this clearer. And the area of attraction fits the nature of the other planet. The attraction is not of sexual nature, unless the other planet is something like Mars or Venus. Rather, it is the attraction toward someone who seems to be travelling along the same patha kindred spirit in some fashion. IF each individual is fairly well-balanced, an excellent relationship can develop here with a feeling of being true equals in whatever area the planet represents.

This is truly a good thing in romance, as you can imagine.

Beyond the Wound: Chiron in Synastry (an excerpt)

Given enough time the Chiron aspect tends to equalize differences, and so the two people have a chance to grow eventually to feel equal here. But, until then, it is possible to build up resentment against the very person from whom you are seeking help. No matter which type of relationship this is, one thing seems especially to be truethe planet that is aspecting Chiron from one chart to the other seems unable to keep up defenses to keep the Chiron person out.

It is as if, for the Chiron person, the walls around the other come tumbling downor at least the Chiron person has little trouble getting inside the walls the other person has built around self.

And depending on how thick those wails were initially, and how dependent the person was on the security provided by the wallssuch openness can be felt as truly fantastic, or extremely frightening.

There seems to be an attraction, yet a repulsion at the same time. This mixed feeling seems to be much stronger in the Chiron person than in the other individual. Therefore, if the people are insecure, this aspect turns their relationship into a battlefield. Yet even so, both people grow because of it. Positively an awareness dawns about what is going onand the two develop a relationship with great growth potential.

They perceive the process of throwing up new walls as attempts to focus on insecurities. They do not feel threatened by them, but see them as a way of clearing out the rubbish.

The resultmutual growth and increasing closeness.Much of it is new. We sense that something is missing in our lives, and we want it back, now. This is very seductive. The other person promises to become the vehicle for all the transforming powers of the universe, our own personal conduit between the earth and the stars and back again.

The initial impetus with Chiron contacts is deliverance: this person appeared in my life specifically to take me where I need to go. This relationship is the answer. The Struggle Bus stops here. Chiron contacts are powerful and passionate at first, with the combined promise of innate hungers fulfilled and innate flaws mended.

There is also a physical, earthy element to Chiron that taps into his animal nature, and Chiron contacts can be highly sexual. Like any planet or asteroid in the chart, Chiron has his good and his bad side, and Chiron contacts indicate that a great deal of healing can be achieved. Unfortunately, the process involves hitting all the most sensitive, painful buttons whilst trying not to lose love for one another.

Chiron can be a real test of the depth of feeling between two people, because the hurt, usually, is inadvertent. Chiron contacts can be remarkably long-lived as well, depending on how much we have been taught to associate pain with love.

Saturn/Chiron aspects in Synastry

For some of us, it will seem endless. What begins as a promise of wholeness often ends with a ruthless tearing—real healing can occur only when whatever is festering inside can be cleansed. Only then can a wound be closed. Chiron contacts can feel and serve just like those procedures where an already painful and distorted wound is re-opened and probed, so that the poison can be burned out.

Chiron-dominant relationships provide this soul-searing. Without this cleansing, we cannot have the kind of inner balance that translates to spiritual strength. Whether or not a relationship can be salvaged, with Chiron, we are given a choice: we can move through the world as the limping, distorted god-in-exile, or we can take our new found knowledge and negotiate our world with grace and strength, like the immortals we are.

There are some typical relationship patterns and signatures that are associated with Chiron: Beyond the Wound. It is often the case with Chiron-dominant relationships that one partner is more conscious and spiritually aware than the other, and it is often this more aware partner who suffers the most from the partnership. Chiron, the wise healer and teacher, is always pushing us towards the awareness of what is best in us, and burning away what is holding us back.

This may sound rather Plutonian, but Pluto has a different agenda.

mercury conjunct chiron synastry

Pluto wants us to lose the ego in favor of a higher perspective.Saturn aspects with Chiron in synastry can show a relationship drenched in seriousness. There is nothing light about these placements- there will always come with this combination a tone of serious responsibility. You likely have a checklist of things you think may help the other person, or feel a deep commitment to healing them.

Whether you do this consciously or not, the Chiron person may feel you are an elixir sent to soothe their wounds. Saturn may feel like they are always having to help Chiron- without positive ways to express this, the relationship can wither.

Chiron might feel too smothered by Saturn and actually create more wounds by shutting themselves off. These aspects can show a lifetime of pain, regret, or sorrow over the relationship if not ended in an open and honest manner. With a trine or a sextile between Saturn and Chironthe healing journey may come easier than with the square and opposition. More fond memories may be shared, and even if the relationship ends, both may feel they learned a lot from the relationship and are grateful they were able to experience it.

If you are currently in a relationship with this synastry aspect, the main lesson learned from this is to be open, honest, raw, and vulnerable with each other. Both parties can grow and heal a great deal if the communication is allowed to flow freely and without judgement. I had this aspect with my husband, who had passed away 4 years ago.

He was the Saturn and I was the Chiron. He did touch some of the most vulnerable parts of my soul. When he passed away, Uranus was conjunct my Chiron and the transit moon was conjunct my North Node.

mercury conjunct chiron synastry

It was a deep pain that I know I will never truly heal from but have learned to live with. I believe he was meant to help me heal and bring light into my life to help pull me out of the dark.

I am so sorry you had to experience that pain, but so happy that you were able to heal, and were sent someone to help you through that. The universe always provides. More healing, love and light is still to come. Many blessings to you. I am so sorry hear about the pain, but it warms my heart that you were able to encounter healing on your path, as well as find someone to be there with you as a helping hand.

Chiron teaches from our wounds. Much love and light to you, friend. We are best friends, but we also challenge each other and push each other to be the best we can be. At the time one is being pushed they are irritated and typically verbally berating, but once we get to the point we were being push we reflect and are very grateful for being pushed.