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Forms are part of virtually any web application today. They are the main method to receive input from people using the application. They range in size from one-field opt-in forms where you only enter your email address, to very long forms with tens or even hundreds of fields. To make long forms user-friendlier, it is a good idea to span the form on multiple pages. This can make it easier to follow for the user, and we can also split the data in separate sections, based on the scope for example separate personal customer information from payment data in a shopping cart checkout form.

One of the challenges that arise from splitting the form over multiple pages is passing the data from one page to another, as at the final point of the form, we have all the needed data ready for processing.

Checkout Form

We are going to look at two methods to do this: session variables and hidden input fields. A HTML session is a collection of variables that keeps its state as the user navigates the pages of a certain site. It will only be available to that domain that created it, and will be deleted soon after the user left the site or closed his browser. So, the session has a semi-permanent nature, and it can be used to pass variables along different pages on which the visitor lands during a visit to the site.

In our example, we are going to create a three pages form, resembling a membership signup and payment form. The first page will ask for customer's name and address, on the second page there is the choice for membership type, and on the third and final page, payment data must be entered.

Final step is saving the data in MySQL. The first file we are going to create step 1 of the form will contain just a simple form with two fields. Ok, so nothing more than 2 input fields and a submit button to take us to step 2. In the following page, apart from the HTML form to gather membership data, we are going to need code to store the submitted data from step 1 in the session. On to step 3, we must again create new session variables, assign values received by post, and create the final part of the form.

Now that we created step 3 of the form, what's left is the final processing script that inserts the data in the MySQL database. And we are done. Home php-form Creating a multi-page order form using PHP. What are sessions anyway? Multi-page form using sessions In our example, we are going to create a three pages form, resembling a membership signup and payment form. Handling checkbox in a PHP form processor. PHP form processing. Handling select box drop-down list in a PHP form. How to submit a form using PHP.

PHP form tutorial. Passing PHP form variables from one page to other. About Site Map.Integrate Razorpay Standard Checkout with your website or apps to start accepting online payments from customers. Razorpay supports a slew of payment methods such as netbanking, credit and debit cards, wallets and UPI.

Our checkout. This is available only for web-based integrations. Note : If your website is built on top of an ecommerce platform, such as WordPress or Shopify, please refer to Razorpay Ecommerce Plugins documentation.

Different flavors of Standard Checkout are available with Razorpay.

How TO - Checkout Form

Depending on your needs, select the integration method of your choice. An easy integration method to integrate with your product. This method provides the default Razorpay Pay with Razorpay button that invokes the Checkout form. The Checkout form options are passed as data attributes inside a script tag. You can add any additional, hidden or visible fields to the form, which will be submitted along with the form.

Provides a greater control of the payment process. Use this method when you have multiple products or a complex way to pre-calculate amount for a payment in javascript. The Checkout form is invoked by the custom button on your site and form options are passed as variables in a key-value pair format within a script tag. Switch between Automatic and Manual methods : You may switch from one checkout method to the other.

Also, you can track the modal if you are using the Manual method. Learn more here. Look up the payment flow to know how the different states of the payment.

In the tag of your webpage HTML code, check if view port meta tag is added. Depending on the method of Standard Checkout integration, the Checkout options can be sent in the following ways:. An extensive list of Checkout form options is available here.

This form is then automatically submitted. Only successful authorizations are auto-submitted. In case of failed payments, checkout form is displayed again to facilitate retry of the payments.

The open method of Razorpay object rzp1. Once the customer completes the payment successfully on the Checkout, a handler function is called automatically. The handler function must be called back to your server-side for capturing the payment. If the capture response has no error code set, it means that the payment has been captured successfully. Make arrangements to store these objects from Razorpay in your database:.

Signature verification is a mandatory step to ensure that the callback is sent by Razorpay and the payment is received from an authentic source. The data contained in this request will depend on whether the payment was a success or a failure. In failed payments, the callback will contain the errors returned by Razorpay. You can now mark this fetched order as successful and process the order.

checkout form html

Now that the integration is complete, you must ensure that your integration works as expected. You can make a test transaction using the test cards, verify the payment status from Dashboard, APIs or subscribe to related Webhook events to take appropriate actions at your end.Most developers forget that e-commerce sites are about making sales and nothing more. If you have the most fantastic coding skills and your checkout forms are not good enough to convince anyone to make a purchase, then you certainly have your work cut out for you.

While there are developers who are not aware of the powers of checkout forms, there are others who understand its importance, yet they still struggle to produce compelling designs that can wow users into making that last commitment.

You can tie these HTML shopping cart plugins with these credit card forms. There is no point working too hard trying to come up with a fantastic checkout form when there are plenty of smart checkout forms online like online form builders.

If it is not going to cost you anything to implement these checkout forms, then you should give these a try. After integrated these templates you should test usability in those sites using usability testing tools.

How about this for a credit card form. You can see that it makes any credit card transaction as comfortable as possible.

If you want to add a few things, you can also tweak it to what you want. This one is just perfect as a checkout option. This is a credit card form template for your checking out endeavors. It also comes with a card. This checkout form may be appearing simple, but it sure comes with all the necessary information that should be contained in a credit card.

You also have a stylish round price barge to excite your customers. Are you looking for something that is a little more daring? You can try this template. It is a sign-up form that instantly pops up a checkout form in the process. A centralized form that does the work quite nicely. If you are only comfortable using bootstrap to style your web pages, then this simple payment form would be your best bet.

Pure bootstrap! This checkout form only contains the essential details needed for payment. Nothing extra, just straight to the Credit crad details. Designed in the form of a real Credit card, this takes the breath out of your customers and lures them into converting. This is a checkout that has a great UI design, with all the input elements well-arranged for easy entry.

A checkout form that parades some fancy round buttons for excellent user experience. Telling you exactly where you are in the payment process, makes it more charming. This form is most suitable for validating credit card information for easy checking out purposes.

With pure CSS styling, you cannot ask for more. This template gives you a transparent background accommodating every other component on the form. It is a fantastic design. This template divides the checkout form into two sections. The top segment acts as a tab menu, helping you switch between items on top. Implement below Boostrap Checkout Form, and be sure of a better conversion rate on your site.

Remember these templates are completely free! This template has a great user interface that looks exactly like a credit card. Users are just going to fall for this one.Already have an account?

Log in. Sign up. If you need more help, please contact our support team. Need a simple checkout form template? If you're selling books online, this checkout form would be a good choice. You'll have the typical section where you will ask for the customer's personal and contact info, their preferred shipping method, the details of the book s they're about to purchase, and a few more fields in case they want to donate books for children.

Check out the form template and customize the rest of the form based on your needs. This product order form template is a fast way to get started selling online. The template is fully customizable, enabling you to add new fields, design it to match your brand, and add new products to sell.

Get online payments easily with this PayPal Pro payment form and give your customers the choice of payment cards. Jewelry Product Form allows customers to customize orders with size and quantity options, provides several payment and delivery options. With the "office use only" section, it's use can be limited to store sales or managers only.

Need an efficient way to collect orders for your business? JotForm makes it easy to create secure online order forms. JotForm's free order form templates are powerful and simple to edit, so your customers will be placing orders in no time. It's a great way to collect payments securely and gather customer information. Get started by either starting from scratch with a basic order form template or selecting from one of the pre-made order form samples.

If you choose to create your own order form, use JotForm form builder to fully customize and format your form to meet your needs.

Get started below with one of our free online order form templates! The Responsive Product Order Form which is presented with a responsive design uses the PayPal Payment System to process the orders and collects your customer's contact details, billing and shipping address. Sell anything online with this free Product Order Form.

Customize and embed in your website in seconds. Collect payments online. Form is used to order multiple JotForm products. Useful for management gift givers and more Are you looking for a purchasing form template for your business?

If so you can use this product purchase form in order to collect simple product purchases easily. Just customize this online purchase form template according to your products and the information you would like to collect and start to gather purchases swiftly.

An Online Shopping Form allowing your customers to order online through providing their contact information, shipping address, product ID, quantity, size, color information and select their desired delivery and payment option. Keep up with the online shopping trend to easily collect and manage orders from your customers online! Business Card Order Form collects customer website and related information with their contact details and shipping address and allows them to order their desired quantity of business cards by making the payment through the form.

Stunning look, modern looking product order form. Form tabs navigation is positioned to the right side of the form with cool callout design. The form is also optimized for mobile use. Form used to order items.

10 Free HTML5 / CSS3 Checkout Forms Templates

Enhanced with images, quantity options and sizes. Designed for apparel selling commerce or other type of merchandise.Hello, everyone! With Postcards you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before. First, add padding to the body and style the title:.

The next element is the. We will use Pseudo elements, :before and :after to style the step progress bar. We have two payment methods, one for credit cards and one for PayPal. Divide the space in two columns, and align using flexbox. Now we have a section with multiple input fields with information about cards. We can change the color of the border on :focus and add an icon for each input tag. With Startup App and Slides App you can build unlimited websites using the online website editor which includes ready-made designed and coded elements, templates and themes.

The last thing we need to style is the. Here we have two buttons, a. One last thing: Notice that when you click on the payment method it only checks the radio button?

Do this using jQuery. If you click the next button and one of the inputs is empty, the border should be red, so add a css file with the class. I am passionate about everything related to Web Development.

Huge coffee lover. Sign up to get fresh stuff in your email monthly. For those who want to keep in touch with web design and development trends and tools. Table of Contents hide. Online Email Template Builder. Create Websites with Our Online Builders. Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories. Related Articles. Never miss an article or news again.We begin with WooCommerce checkout form customization. When working with filters you can change the only file — functions.

If you are here just because you want to remove some unnecessary checkout fields or because you would like to disable ZIP code validation, you can safely skip this step. By the way, if you are looking a way how to change "Place order" button text, then I recommend this tutorial.

After inserting this piece of code you will see the array of all checkout fields with the parameters instead of the checkout form. As you can see in array, these fields are sorted by groups: billingshippingaccountorder.

Well, but what is with the phone field? It is not included in the address fields array. More about WooCommerce Checkout validation you can read in this tutorial.

One day my client asked me to remove all the checkout fields except name, email and phone, because she wanted her customers to pay by cash when they come to her office to receive purchased products.

I set priority to the hook because I want to run it as late as possible. But if you would like to use PayPal Standard, everything should be ok.

If you want to disable terms and conditions checkbox, you actually do not need any code, just go to WooCommerce settings and turn it off there. Read below where to find it. I begin with making fields not required. If you read this post from the beginning, you remember that client asked me to place the email field before the phone. I decided to write a separate tutorial about fields reordering. But why this happened? Because it is not enough just to sort the fields array, you have to apply appropriate classes to each field as well.

Actually each checkout field has its own style CSS class depending on its position, there are 3 main classes:. Below you can find the code that allows to change the label of the billing first name field and the placeholder of the order notes field. And before you continue to the next step and begin creating this checkbox in the code, I want to show you a very simple and correct way to do it.

If you want to change "Terms and Conditions" text, check this guide. In this part of the post I will add two fields to the WooCommerce checkout form — a dropdown select just under the billing details and "Subscribe" checkbox to the order notes section. The first field will be a required field.

checkout form html

First of all we should decide where we would like to place our new fields. And here is the choice:. I think everything is clear from the names of locations — it is also the name of the action hook, we will use below. The field locations are also mentioned here in the same order as in the template code.

These locations may not work for you just in one case — if WooCommerce default checkout templates: form-shipping. And after submitting the order you will see that the checkout field values appeared in the new order Custom Fields metabox.Your PayPal Business or Premier account profile contains the account information, financial information, and selling preferences for your organization.

Using your account profile, you can set options to control the way your PayPal checkout pages look and operate, regardless of which PayPal payment solutions you use as a PayPal merchant.

With auto return for PayPal payments, buyers do not click a button to return to your website after completing payments with PayPal.

How to Design Checkout Form HTML and CSS

Auto return shortens the checkout flow and immediately brings your buyers back to your website upon payment completion. To set up auto return, you must enable it in your PayPal account profile and enter the full path of the return URL to redirect your buyers back to your website. In this case, the return URL passed in the form or API field will override what is specified in your account profile settings.

At any time, you can specify a different return URL for all transactions by changing it in your account profile settings. Note: If auto return is enabled and make PayPal account optional at checkout for new users is enabled, a new user is not automatically directed to but can choose to return to your website.

When you enable auto return, payers see an alternative payment confirmation page for a few seconds before PayPal automatically returns them to your website.

In the Selling online section, click Update next to Website preferences.

checkout form html

For an example, see initiate a payment in the Express Checkout integration guide. If you use the Subscriptions Password Management feature of PayPal Payments Standard subscribe buttons, make sure that auto return is disabled to display the PayPal-generated user name and password to the subscriber. Note: You can enable auto return with subscriptions. Auto return is a separate feature from subscriptions password management. When you enable PayPal account optional, buyers can pay by credit card without signing up for PayPal accounts.

Buyers can, but they are not required to, sign up for a PayPal account by using the address and credit card from the completed transaction. They can pay by credit card but they must agree to sign up for a PayPal account before completing their transactions and making their payments.

You might want to disable PayPal account optional if you already accept credit card payments through a different payment processor and you implement a PayPal solution that lets PayPal account holders select PayPal on your payment options page. This checkout flow begins when the buyer is ready to purchase an item from your website and clicks Buy Now. Click the settings icon at the top of your PayPal account page and then click Profile and settings.

If you offer buyers customer service by phone, you can provide your customer service phone number on the PayPal checkout pages. Buyers who have questions during checkout can talk to customer service agents before completing their purchases. Under the Merchant service options heading on the Options tab, select Display your phone number to customers. Your current phone number appears. If you do not have a phone number on file, you might see a link to Change or enter your phone number.

Contact Telephone Number is a feature that lets you obtain the contact telephone numbers that PayPal collects from your buyers. Contact Telephone Number is off by default. PayPal always collects contact telephone numbers from PayPal account holders to help confirm their identities and to contact them if that is required to resolve problems on their accounts. When people share their contact telephone numbers with you, PayPal includes their shared numbers in the transaction details section of payment authorization notices sent by email.

Also, PayPal displays the shared numbers in the Transaction Details page for transactions in which contact telephone numbers were shared. These actions let you and your payers know that contact telephone numbers were shared as part of the transaction.

Important: In accordance with the PayPal User Agreement and PayPal Merchant Services Agreement, you may use contact telephone numbers only to communicate with the payer about the related transaction. You may not use them for unsolicited communication. Log in to your PayPal business account at paypal. In the Selling online section, click the Update link next to Website preferences to see the Website Payment Preferences page. PayPal calculates sales taxes based on rates that you specify in your account profile.

Note: This feature does not apply to Express Checkout. Express Checkout merchants must calculate and pass sales tax to PayPal.